Get your Garden ready Now!

It’s that time of the year…. we need to begin to think about the coming year 2013.  What are we going to do, goals, plans.  We send our listings to various major sites and believe this is the way to get business.  Then we turn around and purchase leads from the some of these same sites.  Think about it…does that sound like the right way to do business?  What happened to the “Back to Basics”?

One of the basics that you can adapt to today’s market is Farming, and I don’t mean corn and peas…farming for listings, is the tried and true method of selling real estate.  You select an area and begin to systematically farm the area with your name, real estate information, and/or a great number of various informative pieces to put your name in front of the geographic area you have chosen.  Now there is a scientific way of choosing an area but it would take too long in this blog to discuss.  Check with your local Association to see if a seminar in Real Estate Farming is offered and then just do it: attend.  I think that we all learned to farm long ago but discarded the method due to the new technological age that dawned upon us.  Cultivate your clients and areas using proven methods and integrate the new Cultivation Tools that are now available and very cost effective.  You will get a greater return on your investment than buying leads from some unknown source.

Two Monday Morning Tips You Can Start Using Today: 

#1 – Real estate blogging and farming can work really well together. By blogging about
community, neighborhoods and subdivisions, your blog categories can group information by area. When you do direct mail to a specific neighborhood, you can direct the recipient to the specific portion of your blog that speaks to that area. You can also solicit post material from neighborhood and subdivision associations.

#2 – Use your MLS reporting systems to generate detailed reports of buying and selling for the real estate farming areas you work. Both buyers and sellers want a lot ofinformation, and they love statistics about current markets, past sales, and your commentary on them builds your credibility as an expert. Use these reports in your emails, websites and blogs. Use teaser reports with good information, but not quite as thorough as the one they need to get via email. It will get you a lot of leads and email addresses for a newsletter.  Your garden will Flourish!!

Until Next Monday…

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