Here come the REALTORS!

The House of the Mouse is ready and so are the Florida REALTORS and REALTORS from all over our country and around the world!  Some of us will drive.  Some will be flying in. Some of us are even coming by bus from our associations. Why are REALTORS headed to Mouseland?  Our annual NAR convention!

More than 100 education courses are being offered on every conceiveable aspect of real estate.  Hundreds and hundreds of vendors that provide every conceivable product that a REALTOR needs and uses in their business will be participating in one of the largest trade expos anywhere.   So we work by day, learn new ways to generate business, attend our committee meetings  and then we can play at night.  There are all kinds of surprises…from The Eagles that will land Sunday night at our concert, to REALTORS Got Talent.  At REALTORS Night Out at Universal, we can ride every ride, from the highest roller coaster to a slow moving tram, why we even have an All-REALTOR Band!   What a week full of ideas, networking, business and fun…Hope to see you all there.

Just a final Reminder: Tomorrow is Election Day

By the time you read this the final tally of the Early Voting should be in and it’s projected that more than 4 Million of Florida’s registered voters will have cast their ballot early by Absentee Ballot or at the early voting polling places ~ FANTASTIC ~ that’s nearly 50% of Florida’s registered voters.  If you haven’t voted yet…be sure to get out and exercise one of the greatest exercises of freedom: VOTE

Until Next Monday…

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