Who’s Walking the Talk?

I spent Sunday with my youngest son…this is the one that always tells me: if you talk the talk, you gotta walk the walk! So why do I tell you all about my conversation with my son?  The time is coming to vote for our next president, our legislators and multiple amendments that will affect how we live in the coming years. Time to figure out who has been walking the talk.

Besides what all those running for office say over and over and the multiplicity of ads criticizing each other….this is where I say to you: look back ~ did they walk the talk?  Did they do what they are saying?  Yes, I know the challengers have never been in the incumbent’s position but look back to their background.  Have their lives resembled what they are saying?   All politicians tell us what we want to hear, but there are some that walk the talk and those are the ones we need to find.

It’s no different in our business ~ our clients expect us to do what we say…they expect us to walk the talk.

Let’s be good to each other, let’s be REALTORS®.

Until next Monday…

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