Exercise without breaking a sweat

I got my absentee ballot Saturday and as I began to look over the candidates and amendments it started me thinking about a recent article in my hometown paper about woman’s right to vote.  Now I know all about history and how women obtained the right to vote, but reading the article, it made me think.  Many women were jailed, beaten, condemned to a psychatric hospital as insane – all because they wanted the right to vote.  They were ostracized from their communities and families, all because they believed they should be allowed to have a say in their country.  With all of this history and all that these women did so that we would have the the opportunity to vote, why do I see many women not exercising this right?  Did these women endure these atrocities in vain?  Do we not owe them the honor as we do other heroes in our past, to exercise our voting rights or do we disrespect them and all they did in vain?

So remember our ancestors  and exercise the rights that they afforded us. Make your plans now…this is definitely the kind of exercise we can all do…without breaking a sweat!

Until Next Monday…

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