Jump start on 2013

I am packed and ready to meet the new leadership of our local Associations at the CEO Symposium for Florida REALTORS.  We are all getting excited about 2013 and what it will bring.  We all have our expectations, ideas and enthusiasm for the coming year as we meet in St. Petersburg, on Tuesday morning.

Our Association Executives and their new Leaders will begin to work together for the collective good of our members, our clients and our state.  Just a few of the topics we’ll be covering to get us started on 2013 and bring back to our local associations:

  1. Excelling Together: President and AE
  2. Effective Committees/Workgroups
  3. Working Broker’s Perspective: Partners to Thrive
  4. Social Media for Associations ~ Best Practices
  5. Race for Relevance ~ Five Radical Changes
  6. Legal Review with Margy Grant
  7. Vote “Yes” on 4 and More

It’s sure to be a busy and productive two days as we get a jump-start on 2013.

Until next Monday…


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