Isaac…Here we are!

I guess from the title you might think I am slightly or totally crazy. But with the onset of a tropical storm or hurricane, this is the time to communicate with your clients.  Are they all right?  Do they need help?  Give
them suggestions on what to do in the event Isaac (or any other storm) turns into a hurricane.  Give them a list of what to stock up and what to do.  Most of us have lived through a storm and have specific tips: fill your car with gas – get batteries – make sure you have plenty of drinking water. There are all kinds of tips to give them that can really help to lessen the aftermath of the storm.  Personal tip: I usually take most of our cars to a covered parking garage and keep the oldest one at our home, less damage from flying

This is a great way to further cement your relationship – you weren’t just there to help them buy or sell.  Many of our clients have not experienced a storm before and will welcome all your suggestions.  So Stay safe and dry.   We are Florida REALTORS – we will weather Isaac together. Here’s to making lemonade when we only have lemons!

This weeks links and tech tips are being interrupted to provide links and tips on Tropical Storm and Hurricane preparedness and resources after the storms.  You can also download Max Mayfield’s Hurricane Survival Checklist (right)…it’s one of the best out there!

Until next Monday…After Isaac…

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