Reach for Success

Today, Monday, August 20th, every State and Local Association President for 2013 and the chairs of the state and local Young Professionals Networks are gathering with their AE’s and CEO’s in Chicago for the start of  the 2013 local/state/national year.  They will see into the heart of NAR and learn for the coming year.  Then next month here in Florida we will be having our Leadership Summit for the Florida REALTORS 2013 leadership.

We need to put our preconceived ideas behind us and begin to face the new year, with new aspirations, ideas and always with the members at the front of our vision.  This is not a personal journey, although many think so, but a collective one.  A journey with the membership at the front of our view.  They are the ones that depend upon us, for if we do this just for ourselves, then we are all losers.  We need to look ahead to help them generate more business with all the tools and services we can give them.  We are responsible to the members.  Sometimes I think in our quest to achieve in our association, we forget about “them” – our members.  Our egos get far ahead of us and begin to take over.  We want credit for everything.  There is a saying that is meaningful: “It is amazing what a person can achieve, when they don’t care who gets the credit”.  To all of us in leadership, this should be our mantra.

Until Next Monday…

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