You snooze, you lose…

Please tell me, has this ever happened to you:

  • I submitted an offer, got a counter and my customer accepted that counter on a Friday night.
  • I sent it to the listing agent on that same night…..then I waited.
  • I waited all day Saturday and then Sunday afternoon, I called the listing agent to see if they had gotten the acceptance.
  •  To my surprise, the listing agent was offended.  He said the office was not open on the week-ends and why couldn’t I have waited until Monday to call.

I don’t know about you but I was always taught when we are working an offer, time is of the essence and the old “you snooze you lose” works really well in my marketplace.    Maybe I am too aggressive, maybe I should have waited until Monday, but somehow I think that that is not representing my customer’s best interests. 

Here in Miami (my marketplace) we have over 30,000 licensees…yes, over 30,000. Most of them have no conception of real estate license law and to whom they owe a fiduciary relationship.  We are a transaction broker state unless otherwise indicated.  This is not the kind of market where we can wait for the proper time to present an offer, lest another one comes in ahead of ours.  Maybe I am out of tune with real estate etiquette, somehow I think not.  But you all, my friends, tell me what you think.

Let’s be especially good to each other this week. Let’s be REALTORS®

Until next Monday

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4 Responses to You snooze, you lose…

  1. PAT KETCHIE says:

    At 8 PM last night (Sunday) I wrote an offer and emailed to the listing agent. Within minutes received response that the offer would be presented this morning. Guess we’re from the “old school”. Perhaps Broker’s should spend more time with their agents, stress the importance of etiquette and efficiency.

    • Matey Veissi says:

      Thanks Pat. Somehow I dont think we are old school. I think we are representing the Buyer/Seller the way we are supposed to. So far no comments to the contrary.

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