You Have a Clue!

Travel Update: April, May and June certainly have been very busy for myself and all the candidates for your Florida REALTORS Leadership.  This week I look forward to attending the District 2, 12 and 1 Conferences.  I hope to see as many of you as possible…listen to your concerns and answer your questions.

Interestingly enough, last year at the Board of Directors meeting, I heard comments that many of the Directors did not have a clue, were not aware of the issues that face our industry.  I am here to tell you that nothing could be further from the truth.   In all the districts that I have travelled to across the state, not one time did I find a member, a director or leader that was not amazingly aware of our industry and the issues we face as an Association.  You are concerned about transparency.  You are concerned where your and how your dues dollars are spent.  And you are concerned where Florida REALTORS will be in the future.  The questions that you posed to each candidate were extremely insightful and, at times, very critical of some of Florida REALTOR’s decisions.

You all have definitive opinions on the state of real estate both in your own market and throughout Florida.  In many of the markets, real estate is beginning to move, some more rapidly than in others.  Financing is still very difficult, appraisals are in most cases coming up short in relation to contract price.  Cash is still King, of course.  Short sales are prolific, more so than foreclosures now, but the rules seem to change rather frequently depending upon who is holding the mortgage.  All in all the outlook seems to be getting better.  Optimism has returned to real estate.

I have enjoyed each and every one of the District Conferences.  You, the members, have been welcoming and challenging at the same time.  You have challenged us to represent you and your interests…challenged us to be true leaders.   Your conferences have been amazing.  Your education programs timely and leading edge.  I was fortunate to have attended some of the programs and took away new knowledge and different ways of viewing various issues I encounter in my own business.

We are proud to be Florida REALTORS…and yes, we do have more than a clue!

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One Response to You Have a Clue!

  1. I wonder if “anyone” recognizes themselves and their comments about “us” Directors? Thanks for giving us credit Matey!

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