Do you remember me?

Yesterday was Father’s Day and I am sure we all communicated to the Fathers we know: Happy Father’s Day! 

Communicate….that reminds me, after we close a transaction, do we ever communicate again with our clients and customers?  If you are like me, I admit, I sometimes forget.  Throughout the transaction we are best friends…when we show them property…write the offer…take the listing…find a buyer…go through inspections…waiting for the financing…and finally closing.  When it’s finally closed and over, we move on, in search of our next customers or clients.  But should we…or shouldn’t we?  Do we ever speak, communicate with them again…are we surprised when they sell or buy with someone else?   Communicate…a very simple word but probably many of us seem to forget about those buyers and sellers…the ones in the past.

Repeat business beats the heck out of advertising vainly for prospects…for new buyers and sellers.  New buyers and sellers who have to be convinced of our value to them, our value to their purchase or sale.  If every customer or client we ever had referred a minimum of 2 people to us, we would have more business than we would know what to do with.  So remember, don’t say good-bye and good luck, just say, I will be calling you from time to time to see how you are, or emailing you or sending you a card or short note.

Communicate…stay in touch…you will be amazed at the response…I am!

Make it a great week…let’s be good to each other…let’s be REALTORS®

Until next Monday…

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