You are an Architect

Time: 9:30 am Date: May 17, 2012 Place: Washington Monument, Washington D.C.  Event: The Rally To Protect The American Dream

It has been a little over two weeks since the historic REALTOR® Rally in Washington D.C. ~ a lot has happened to all us REALTORS® in those two weeks: properties have been  listed and  properties have sold.  In the last two weeks home sellers packed their final boxes and  handed the keys to the new owners…a lot of them first-time homebuyers.  In two short weeks, we as REALTORS® have helped thousands of Americans realize their American Dream: The American Dream of Homeownership.  Two short weeks ago more than 13,500 REALTORS® stood in the shadow of the Washington Monument, just steps away from Capitol Hill and Congress, while thousands more across the country watched live video feeds.  We watched and listened as 2012 NAR President Moe Veissi addressed us as the architects of the American Dream.  Each and every day we bring buyers and sellers together and with that, we help build communities.  As architects of the American Dream we help build the very fabric of the American Way of Life.  That energy, that pride and those positive feelings from the Rally have been overwhelming.  How do I know?  Not only am a REALTOR®, but I live and work with a REALTOR®…I live and work with that REALTOR® who stood in front in the shadow of the Washington Monument and made us feel proud to be architects of the American Dream.  Yes, the last two weeks have passed very quickly…the Rally is a wonderful memory. But the impact we as REALTORS® have on this country, the impact that we have our economy, and more importantly, the impact we have on the American Dream, remains.

No one aspires to be a tenant”

We came together in the shadow of the Washington Monument to show Congress and the American people that everyone should have the opportunity to pursue the dream of homeownership and that we will fight against all obstacles that make it more difficult to own real estate.  As Gerardo Ascencio, President of the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals said, “No one aspires to be a Tenant”. 

News and Press Coverage

Some of you have asked about news coverage, well….USA Today plus 57 news releases and coverage so far, from Washington State, Colorado, Idaho, Florida, New Jersey, Washington DC, Kansas, Montana, Tri-State, Michigan, Georgia, Ohio, Texas, Nebraska, New York, and more added to the list every day.  At last count, over 11 million people have visited the REALTOR® Rally site, looked at the media articles and in some way, shape or form became aware of our efforts.  11 million visitors, that’s not bad for all our efforts.   U.S. News and World Report said that the Rally was the largest assembly of REALTORS® that NAR has ever recorded in one place.  I’m proud to have been there.

I am proud to be a REALTOR®.  I’m proud to be an architect of the American Dream of home ownership!

Until next Monday…be good to each other…let’s be REALTORS®

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