Let us never forget

As we relax and spend time with our families over this long holiday weekend, we must remember that many, many Americans have died so that today, we are able to do what we do and enjoy the freedoms that we sometimes take for granted.

My Dad was in the FBI during the war, and as kids we often wondered why he wasn’t drafted.  There were many subversives in our country during the war, undermining the government and the war effort and, back then, the FBI was like “Homeland Security”, protecting us on our own soil.  There were Communist cells operating in the Mid-West and the Washington DC  area and many nights my dad would go out very late and not come back for several days.  Carrying guns, as did their counterparts overseas, his job with his team was to search out those cells out and then prosecute.

There are many heroes in our country, those here on U.S. soil and many, many more in other countries around the world.  We owe these men and women a great deal of gratitude.  They have protected us, our ideals, our dreams and our way of life.  This week-end, as we enjoy our time with our friends and family, remember those who lived and died for us so that we can continue to thrive and strive to help others achieve the American dream.  Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers this Memorial Day, May 28, 2012.

Until next Monday…

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