Washington D.C. ~ Here come the REALTORS®!

Well here I am in Washington D.C., my birthplace…bet you didn’t know that piece of trivia!   The weather is beautiful.  I arrived yesterday because I travel with you-know-who so I have to arrive before anyone else.  That’s O.K. ~ I brought my work files with me…with a smartphone and a laptop or iPad, my office is wherever I am.

 The REALTOR® Rally is going to be amazing.  NAR expects over 13,000 REALTORS® to attend on Thursday.  Many of the surrounding local and state associations are bussing their members in.  Moe (you-know-who) has been calling and thanking all of them for their efforts.  Everyone of you has worked so hard for this event.  Congressmen will be attending.  Large Brokers are bringing as many of their REALTORS® as possible.  It is all coming together and will be a truly, incredible historic event.  We will show our members, clients, homeowners and most of all our Legislators that we mean business for the American economy through home ownership!


Until Next Monday…

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2 Responses to Washington D.C. ~ Here come the REALTORS®!

  1. Matey!! I’m glad you enjoyed my…OUR city! Midyear is always a great time, and you would be surprised how many colleagues who are local here don’t know about Midyear. It’s always wonderful to network and meet new colleagues and suggest some great places to meet…maybe I can finally meet you and Moe in Orlando!

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