Where in the World Am I?

The other day someone asked me what I had been up to lately? What was I doing that had me so energized?  Listing and selling real estate, attending some great education programs and…traveling to Florida REALTOR® District Conferences across the state.  My fellow REALTORS®, you are amazing. You are upbeat, positive and working hard.  You have embraced all the candidates that are running for Florida REALTOR® leadership positions.  You have listened patiently to our information and speeches.  Many of you that I have spoken to are like all of us: you’ve experienced  the hard times of the real estate market & economic recession.  Our market is beginning to come back, some areas slower than others.  But we will prevail. We REALTORS® are resilient. We are tough and we will make it.

I had a small sign made for my husband’s desk.  It reads…Illegitium Non Carborundum
translated it means: Don’t let the bastards grind you down (excuse my language).  Stay the Course. Be steady.  We will overcome!  Ours is a true profession and with integrity we will prevail.  I am proud to represent you as your 2012 Florida REALTORS® Secretary and hopefully I can continue on as your 2013 Treasurer.  I am proud to be standing side by side with you as we work to better our marketplace.

April, May and June have shaped up to be very busy and I look forward to attending  District Conferences across Florida.  I hope to see as many of you as possible…listen to your concerns and answer your questions.  I’m proud that we are Florida REALTORS®.

Last minute change as I post this week: District 11: June 4th

Until Next Monday…

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