Start Your Engines for the Realtor Rally!

The countdown is beginning.  It’s two months…two short months until the Realtor Rally, May 17th on the lawn of the Capitol Building in Washington DC.   Our industry is facing a crucial moment. Never before in the history of our great nation have housing and real estate been forced to defend the benefits they provide our country. The very foundation of civilization is no stronger, nor more enduring than the integrity of the homes on which they rest. Over 15,000 REALTORS® are expected to come together and show OUR Legislators we mean business.  REALTORS® are flying in.  REALTORS® are coming by  bus and by car.  There might even be some REALTORS® walking in to show support for our important issues: MID, GSEs, private property rights and a myriad of other issues that confront us in our daily business.

We are going to defend the American Dream from the doubters who say home ownership and real estate have run their course. That is why we are holding the Rally to Protect the American Dream on May 17th in Washington, D.C. This is why NAR President, Moe Veissi, is asking you to be there and stand with your fellow REALTORS® from every corner of America — from Alaska to Illinois to Texas to Guam. We are going to show Congress that no one cares more about revitalizing real estate for future generations than REALTORS® do.

This is the time to show how united we are.  This is the time to show how involved we are and how committed we are. Together our voices in unison will have a tremendous impact.  We need to utilize that impact.  We need to stand together…no matter where we are from.  Bring your state flags to wave to show our geographical diversity, yet our common goals.  Remember the phrase “United we stand… and we will stand tall!

Register for the Rally Today– It is critical that you register to let NAR know you are attending the rally. NAR wants to plan a great event and make sure they have enough food, water, lunches, t-shirts and buses.

See you in DC –  Remember this is our Time!

Until Next Monday…

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