Great American Realtor Days…They Were Great!

Over 1000  Realtors descended upon Tallahassee last week to show our Legislators we mean business when it comes to our business and private property rights. Even though they are in a redistributing mode at that time they listened to us.  At our public policy meeting, Governor Scott spoke and even sat through a video of how the real estate industry helps create jobs.  Jobs are a priority for his administration.

At our Major Investors lunch the rest of the cabinet came and spoke, we the attorney general, the agricultural commissioner and the chief financial officer,they all acknowledged our presence and our efforts at the state’s Capitol.  Looking around to see all our fellow Realtors I was so very proud to be among them. In these tough times, so many made the effort to help all of us by being there.


I am proud to be a Florida REALTOR and to represent YOU as your FR Secretary!

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One Response to Great American Realtor Days…They Were Great!

  1. Great American Realtor Days was a great experience and I am looking forward to the Hill visits in DC!

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