There is no better time than NOW!

Last week we talked about GARDGreat American Realtor Days. Tuesday, February 7th is the last day to register for this most important event.  This is our profession.  This is our business.  Remember, it is our legislature and the legislature works for all of us.  We pay their salaries.  We pay for their perks, their travel, their insurance. They work for us…you and me.  We need to be in Tallahassee on Valentines Day to tell them what we want and what we expect.  And we expect a lot!   We expect them to listen to us.  This economy cannot revive unless the housing market is flourishing. Of the last 8 recessions, we came out of 6 of them because of a robust housing, construction and real estate market.  We need to educate our legislators.  They need to understand that we are a formitable force.  Just imagine if 115,000 plus Realtors descended upon Tallahassee.  We carry a lot of weight.  We carry a lot of votes.

You owe it to yourself.  You owe it to your business.  You owe it to your profession. 

There is no better time than NOW.  This is OUR TIME.  OUR TIME to make a difference. OUR TIME to be heard.

You can make it happen.  See you in Tallahassee.

Until Next Monday,

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5 Responses to There is no better time than NOW!

  1. Great reminder that we need to have our voices heard…the legislators work for us!

  2. rcraigmccall says:

    Well said Matey. I hope all our fellow REALTORS take it to heart.

  3. rcraigmccall says:

    Matey I am looking for to seeing you in Tallahassee. Have a safe trip up.


  4. rcraigmccall says:

    See in Tallahassee.

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