The day: February 14th.  Valentines Day.  A day for hearts.  A day for flowers.  A day for  I love yous!  Yes, February 14th is all that and more.  What is the “more”?  The most important aspect of February 14th is that many of US REALTORS will be in Tallahassee for Great American REALTOR Days!

Notice I said REALTORS, with an “S”>>>>>plural.  REALTORS: WE need YOU there. YOU need to be there.  WE need to stand shoulder to shoulder and communicate to our Legislators what WE stand for.  A few of us just can’t do it.  Can you imagine over 115,000 of US standing on the steps of the Florida Capitol?  What an incredible sight that would be!  Many of YOU saw the movie “The Titans” about a high school football team that on the day of the championship game, the coach says,” This is OUR Time, OUR Time”.   Well TEAM (YOU and ME),  I am telling YOU this is OUR TIMEWE can’t sit on the sidelines. WE have to get into the game. WE have to participate.  WE have to show our government the right way.  WE have to protect private property rights and OUR ability to earn a living.  If  WE don’t take a stand for what WE believe in then I fear …WE will get whatever comes.

This Is OUR TIME!  

Mark YOUR calendars!  Make YOUR reservations today.

See YOU in Tallahassee – Great American REALTOR Days

Until next Monday…

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