Florida Meetings and the Florida PAC

I just returned from the Florida REALTORS Mid-Winter meetings and there were so many exciting things happening that my head is still spinning!  What an exciting time to be in real estate…what an exciting time to be a Florida REALTOR.  It was an amazing 5 days in Orlando: the education, the committee meetings, the sharing of ideas and the networking!  In the Strategic Planning Committee, Tim Kinzler’s comment started a world of ideas in my head: Member Advocacy – Value for your membership. Look for more on Member Advocacy in the months to come.  Be prepared, I want your input on Member Advocacy.  I am going to be asking you, the members, what you value in your Florida Membership.  What can we do to provide even more value to your membership?

Just a reminder: Great American Realtor Days are February 14-15th.  Mark your calendar, plan to attend Valentines Day in Tallahassee – we are all going to support our issues and talk to our legislators.  Many Major RPAC Investors in the Florida PAC stepped up to the plate during this past week’s meetings. The Miami Association made their RPAC goal of $369,000.00.  Awesome!  All of Florida is proud.  Kudos to Miami for their tireless efforts for achieving and then exceeding your RPAC goals.  There is a saying and I am not sure who to attribute it to: “if we all just lit one little candle, what a brighter world it would be”.   I will take poetic liberty and say if we all contributed when asked, what a better real estate world it would be.  We would be an even more formidible force in the legislative world!   I am proud to call myself a Florida REALTOR and you should be too.  If we all stand together, we can’t be beat!

It was such an exciting five days – I met so many new attendees and new Florida Directors – Welcome.

Florida REALTORS, we are the heart of the real estate industry.

Until Next Monday…

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