Casinos: Pro or Con?

Casinos. This past week I was fortunate to travel as Florida Realtors 2012 Secretary to Tallahassee and weigh in on various topics that will be of interest to our members, that includes you and me, in 2012.  One issue that is garnering the most attention is casinos.  The Florida Legislature is being heavily lobbied on both sides. Casinos: Pro and Con.

Pro:  100,000 jobs offering between $30,000 – $50,000, jobs for Dade County (the land has already been purchased). Interesting idea especially in a time of high unemployment and a slow moving economy.  Just imagine: Airline flights, nonstop from faraway places to bring people in to Florida. People coming into the state to gamble and spend money on hotels, on car rentals, on restaurants, the list goes on.  Sounds good doesn’t it?

Con:  It’s difficult to make a living in Dade County on those salaries alone.  Our economy has already begun to reawaken as the real estate market heats up again…condos are now being built along our  Biscayne -Brickell corridor.  What about the crime that these enterprises may bring?  What about the real estate Buyers and investors? People that are flown in to gamble don’t necessarily buy and/or reside in the homes/condos in the areas that have casinos – think Las Vegas: one of the highest foreclosure rates in U.S.

Guess you can see where I stand on this issue – it’s my personal opinion.  I haven’t seen enough positives yet, but I am still hopeful.  Seeing some of the other places that have gambling, it sure doesn’t make me think positive about it in my own backyard.

Several more places in the state are being looked at to build casinos.  Maybe your area?  Maybe your city?  Maybe your backyard?  What are your thoughts?  Are you willing to take a chance on casinos?  Let me know: Pro or Con.

Until Next Monday…

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2 Responses to Casinos: Pro or Con?

  1. Matey – Thanks for reminding us that wether we are for or against Casinos, as REALTORS, we need to keep up to date on this issue.

  2. charlie brenner says:

    Casinos in florida ,a great idea,need to have statewide in all existing gambling places dog tracks hi li,they have the land and parking

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