Maybe, just maybe…a whole new attitude toward the Code of Ethics

It was my privilege this past week to teach the Code of Ethics to a new group of REALTORS.  They were amazing. Not jaded.  Not worn-out or sarcastic.  They didn’t even look at me like: “what the heck do you know?”.   Only one was a Broker and had any real estate experience.  The rest were newbies!  I tried to tell them all the good in our business: the professionalism, the courtesy and yes, the golden rule.  Maybe, just maybe, they will remember and look upon this industry like the profession that it truly is.  Maybe, just maybe, they will make all of us proud and go on to be involved, to better themselves, the industry and become engaged with the Association, local, state and national.  It all starts with just a few and can grow and flourish.  Maybe, just maybe, they will capture all of us with their enthusiasm and energy.

Do you remember when you first started?  Do you remember how exciting it was to start in this profession?  I was, and still am excited, especially when I see a group of new REALTORS such as this.  It makes me excited to see them want to learn and carry on.  It makes me remember when I first started.  It makes me proud to be a REALTOR!

What about you?  When was the last time you were excited about your career.  When was the last time you read the Code of Ethics?  How familiar are you with your Duties to the Public?  Duties to Clients and Customers?  Duties to REALTORS?  Did you know that the Code of Ethics is available in English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese and even Tagalog.  The Featured Link of the Week is just to the right…click on it and get refreshed and revived.  Maybe, just maybe, we can all be proud to be REALTORS!

Until next Monday,

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2 Responses to Maybe, just maybe…a whole new attitude toward the Code of Ethics

  1. Liza Mendez says:

    Right on my friend! This is one of my favorite activities…I always enjoy teaching the Code of Ethics class…our industry got beat up for a while but we STILL stand strong. We have to remember we are Professionals, the Golden Rule just makes life and our business so much easier…being sworn in as a Realtor is still something that I remember to this day

  2. Virama Oller says:

    I was there as a “newbie”. It was a great class and I am very excited to begin this new career!!

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