Giving Thanks

This is Thanksgiving week.  A lot of us are basically shutting our business down, maybe not figuratively but psychologically.  This is the holidays and many just go through the motions, not really putting forth an effort.  However this is the time to gear up.  We need to set our goals for next year, plan our attack strategy, re-vamp our business plans.  There are still many Buyers and Sellers out there that are ready to look, ready to sell, ready to make decisions.  Many of us say to ourselves that it will pick up “after the first of the year”.  While showing a property last week, the listing Realtor said to me: I am not showing over the holidays but if you want to come back let me know.  This is a common refrain we hear this time of year.

Let’s get a head start on the competition.    Let’s resolve to make our plans now and we will be miles ahead of our fellow Realtors come January 1st.  Be ready to start the New Year with a vengeance!  While I am talking holidays, let’s not forget to be thankful for everything we have, especially our family and friends and our chosen careers.  If I haven’t mentioned it before, thanks for reading my blog.  It does my heart good if you learn something new or something that I write makes you think.  From my family to yours: Happy Thanksgiving.

Until Next Monday…

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