Get Prepared Now – 2012 is an Election Year!

I just returned from a Legislative Strategy Session sponsored by the Florida Realtors Association.  Kudos to John Fridlington and John Sebree for an amazing 2 day session.  Many of your local GADs (Government Affairs Directors) were in attendance as were Chairs and Vice Chairs of Public Policy and all FR Committees that deal with Public Policy.  We were privy to the Legislative outlook and calendar for 2012.  We had an indepth discussion concerning Amendment 4 and how to achieve victory.  Many of the issues that affect all of us in our business and in the interests of our clients whether they be Buyers or Sellers were examined.

The biggest hurdle we face in this upcoming Legislative Session is the Apportionment aspect of the session.  Historically this takes longer than is actually allowed.  The Legislature may not have the time to address the issues that are important to us during this time period.  So we will have to gauge the time accordingly and see what transpires.  It was an amazing amount of information in a short 2 day time period.  Our Realtor volunteers and Leadership Team work very hard for us.

Last but certainly not  least we were introduced to many Republican candidates campaigning at this venue and we were able to attend the Fox News Republican debate that was televised.  It was time well spent so that we may begin to make a difference in our members’ business and to continue in the protection of private property rights.

Get Prepared to Make a Difference in 2012

Florida REALTORS Legislative Center

NAR Government Affairs 

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One Response to Get Prepared Now – 2012 is an Election Year!

  1. Eric Sain says:

    I agree with you completely, Matey. This is truly an exciting time at Florida Realtors and while our legislative agenda may seem daunting, we are standing strong.

    At the same time the Legislative Strategy meetings were in conference, the RPAC Trustees were meeting with the incoming Chairman of RPAC Fundraising Forum and the local Association RPAC Chairmen from around the state. I am thrilled with their enthusiasm and know that they will do everything in their power to ensure Florida Realtors have the resources necessary to represent us in the political process.

    Our meetings were scheduled to train and brainstorm about ideas to help raise the money to support our legislative endeavors for the exciting 2012 Political Session. I can say that this is a very bright group of individuals and I believe we are going to have a terrific fundraising season. One of our main goals is to increase the percentage of participation. By increasing awareness through education, I know we can accomplish anything.

    Eric Sain
    2011 FR Public Policy Chair
    2012 FR RPAC Trustee Chair

    Best regards,

    Eric Sain
    2011 Florida Realtors Vice Chairman RPAC
    2011 Florida Realtors Chairman Public Policy

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