Who do you inspire?

Mentoring, according to John Wooden, can be any action that inspires another.  Who is John Wooden and why is he considered ESPN’s Greatest Coach of the Twentieth Century?   His UCLA basketball dynasty won ten national championships in twelve years, and he was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom for his lifetime achievements.  I am a sports fan but basketball is not necessarily my favorite sport, so the fact that I am reading John Wooden’s book, A Game Plan For Life, and learning a new perspective of mentoring is something of a surprise to me.

I had always thought mentoring was deliberately influencing, teaching, lecturing or something along those lines.  But in reading Wooden’s book I realize mentoring is inspiring anyone, anytime and anywhere by your actions, words and behavior.

I was always taught that you look to encourage leadership in anyone you meet along the road of life that you feel has the qualities and character of a leader.  But I am learning that mentoring and being mentored are constantly a part of our everyday life.  The way we treat each other is a form of mentoring.  If we are kind and considerate, then they in turn may be kind and considerate to the next person they meet.  Many times we don’t realize we are being mentored or we are mentoring…mentoring can become second nature.  The way we live our life is a form of mentoring to our family, friends, clients and strangers.

John Wooden’s Dad gave him seven rules for living:

1. Be true to yourself

2. Make each day your masterpiece

3. Help others

4. Drink deeply from good books

5. Make friendship a fine art

6. Build a shelter against a rainy day

7. Pray for guidance and give thanks for your blessings every day.

Seven rules for living – something to think about as we go out and about in our day.

Be good to each other…let’s be Realtors!

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