Little Things…Appreciate Them

The “Little Things” in life…we need to stop and appreciate them. A beautiful sunset, my dog Bella wagging her tail, Dante’s Dairies, my family, my friends, a butterfly, a rainbow, these are the little things we miss appreciating when we get too busy, too busy with all the other stuff in our lives.  We multi-task, we can’t put our cellphones down, we can’t sit still for longer than a few minutes before we think we are missing something. We are in such a hurry throughout the day, we never stop to appreciate what we have. We are taken in and distracted by all the other “stuff” out there.  Our Co-workers, the newspapers, TV, media, we need to work harder, faster, longer.  We are so focused on what we think are the most important things in life, we need to make time to appreciate the Little Things .

However, in travelling the state and attending district meetings and candidates forums, I found that most Florida REALTORS appreciate the Little Things in life.  In one district meeting, several people were asked if they could change what they were doing and do something other than selling real estate, would they?  Almost all but one said they would not. Florida REALTORS are, in general, very positive. This is amazing in light of the media and the negativism that is put out about our industry.  You would think that we would believe what is written and act accordingly, not us, we are forever upbeat about our profession, our members, our lives and the Little Things.  So as we go about our day, remember it is the Little Things that make us who we are.  Sometimes it’s those Little Things, that can really make your whole day. So, as corny as it sounds, take the time to stop and smell the roses. When bad experiences happen, look around and try to find the good in them. Hold onto what you’ve got and don’t ever let it go. You never know when everything you’ve taken for granted is going to be gone.  Let’s be good to one another, let’s be Florida REALTORS!

Until Next Monday…

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One Response to Little Things…Appreciate Them

  1. Ralph De Martino says:

    You are absolutely on target! Life is short and there is some much good in it to appreciate. A suggestion to starting the day is to either wake up 20 minutes earlier or eliminate 20 minutes of waited time somewhere and and put on your sneakers, walk out the door, turn right or left and walk for 10 minutes then turn around and come back. In those 20 minutes you can contemplate that today is Monday, July 18th 2011, the only one there will ever be and it should be lived as best as possible no matter what the circumsatnces are. And it’s a start to doing some exercise if you already aren’t doing any. Really… have a great day, everyday!

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