Are You Ever Afraid?

Did you ever feel afraid? I don’t mean as a child, I mean as an adult!  Our fears are ingrained in us from childhood: Be careful crossing the street. Don’t speak to strangers. Be careful in the dark. Don’t swim where the water is too deep.  Be careful.  Don’t. Stop.  As an adult many of these fears grow up with us.  Many of us never overcome our fears and even more of us never face those fears.  Do you ever wonder why?? Is it because we are afraid to face them?  Something like change.  I wrote about change or repot  several weeks and change instills fear in us all.  Something different or some irrational fear from our childhood or a new fear as an adult.

We need to face our fears and try to overcome them.  Not easy.  Not rational sometimes.  Nevertheless, if we face them, sometimes they are easier to accept.  Acceptance is easier than fear.  We accept something as  here and now and possibly can do nothing about it, so we accept it.  Many things that we fear we find that we can do something about it.  Research it, study it, confront it.  Either alone or with someone.  What is it that someone said, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself”.  The Number One fear? Public Speaking.

Until Next Monday…Don’t Be Afraid…

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One Response to Are You Ever Afraid?

  1. Thanks Matey for another great article. The truth being the reason most people shy away is because they do not want to speak in front of members or the public. Thanks again and good luck with your campaign!

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