Repot or Root Bound – It’s Your Choice!

Why are we REALTORS® so apathetic?   Yes, I am talking to the majority of the REALTORS® that just don’t get involved, the ones that figure someone else is doing it, so why should they.

Our associations and organizations, (NAR, FR, MIAMI, WCR, CRS, etc.) have “the few” that do for all the others.  Can you imagine what we could accomplish if all the others got involved and participated!  State, local and federal governments would be at our doors begging for our support.  Our local associations would not have to look for members.  They would be overloaded with requests for membership, education, participation at every level.  It would be a veritable flood of participation.  Sadly though, that is not the case.  It never ceases to amaze me, especially in these economic times, why anyone would not want to take advantage of all that is offered by our associations.

I think we sometimes figure that we already know what to do and it is too much of an effort to change.  Someone near and  dear to me once said: you have to repot every so often or you get root bound.  I believe many of us are “root bound”.  We are stuck in our pots and don’t want to change or emerge.

There is a blog called “The Dante Dairies”  about a small dog that comments on life with his owner and anything around him.  His lastest blog is about change.  At first he is concerned about changes to his appearance, later on he marvels at what he can do after change!  Change is wonderful if we view it that way.  It takes courage to do something we haven’t done before!

Come on, let’s get out of our pots and blossom, we will be surprised! I hope a few of you will share with me and the readers what you have done not to root bound…what you have done to “change”.

Let’s be good to each other, let’s be REALTORS®

Until Next Monday,

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2 Responses to Repot or Root Bound – It’s Your Choice!

  1. Nancy Hogan says:

    Matey “giving” is so much more rewarding that taking. For the many volunteers who have served the roles of Realtors, salespeople etc and helped by giving back to the most amazing profession…it truly is rewarding!!! Change is an opportunity! Thank you for making us think this morning!! And Thanks for all you do!!

  2. Geri Kenyon says:

    Matey, you put thoughts we’re all thinking into inspiring words…. fear, re-potting, change, opportunity……. thanks for sharing….

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