NAR Dues Increase…Why Now?

One week ago yesterday, at the NAR Board of Directors, a dues increase was passed.  $40 will be added to our dues for next year.  Why, you ask, in times like this, do we need or should have a dues increase?  Let’s look at our current dues that we now pay NAR: $80 Membership Dues plus a $35 Special Assessment for Public Awareness, now we are going to add $40 to our Membership Dues.

Where do our dues dollars go?  All the products, tools and services we receive from NAR are paid for with the $80. All administrative costs, which is the running of the buildings, salaries, etc. come out of non-dues revenue.

The $35 Special Assessment goes to the Public Awareness Campaign: “Home Ownership Matters“, “Housing First” and publicizes to consumers the difference between REALTORS® and other real estate practitioners and the advantages of working with a REALTOR® and more.

So now that we know where those dollars go, why do we need to pay $40 more?  Political Survival Initiative  What is that you ask? The initiative will allow NAR to provide millions of dollars in additional support to state and local boards, which are facing a cadre of policy proposals that would restrict private property rights and drain home owners’ pocketbooks…we may not like it but politics as usual” have changed.  It’s difficult to know where to turn your attention when there are so many areas in which REALTORS®’ livelihoods are challenged. Financially strapped governments are proposing transfer fees and other taxes on real estate to shore up depleted revenues. Some lawmakers and business interests are trying to put control of the mortgage secondary market exclusively in the hands of private banks. I don’t know about you, but I would pay a lot more to make sure that my livelihood is protected – $40 dollars seems like a small price to pay.

I know we are all working longer, harder and sometimes for less money.  These are tough times, but tough times call for tough decisions and this is one of those times.  Our sons are in business with us and I would only hope that they can carry on in the real estate profession.  I fear that if we do not look to provide for the future, it may not happen.  So those are my thoughts, I welcome yours.  Let’s be good to each other, let’s be REALTORS®

Quick References: Home Ownership Matters – Public Awareness Campaign: Frequently Asked Questions – You May Not Like It, But ‘Politics as Usual’ Have Change – NAR directors say ‘Yes’ to political initiative

Until Next Monday,

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3 Responses to NAR Dues Increase…Why Now?

  1. Maria E Brackett says:

    Matey: I have been very fortunate to be one of the Realtors that can afford to pay the increase in dues and involved in politics enough to comprehend the gravity of the situation that we face as Americans and as Realtors. But this does not prevent me from understanding that many of our fellow Realtors can barely afford what they pay for dues at all 3 levels. While we need to be in the forefront of the political issues and policies that drastically affect us today we also need to balance our budget and maybe cut out some of our expenses (programs/member services/administrative) in order to pay for the political involvement without rasing the dues. We all want the best and even need the best. But when you cannot afford it the answer is not to continue to raise expenses , the answer is to cut expenses. We tell Washington to live within our means. Maybe NAR needs to practice what America is saying. We need to live within our membership means. I have received a huge amount of criticizim from membership on this one.
    I hope you have a great day and I always enjoy your Monday mornings with Matey.

  2. Personally, I don’t have a problem with the $40 increase and I feel like I understand pretty well what is going on. I trust NAR to do the right thing for my business and if I did not I would not be a member, no matter what tools you offered me. I do understand, and I was not present so this is all hear say, that some members felt like they were not given adequate time to discuss the issue, etc. As a leader myself, I often take that approach too, like I have heard all I want to hear about this, I am the leader, let’s move on. I am not sure that is good leadership, but I certainly understand and I too would be glad to pay much more to see to it that my profession is a survivor of these harsh political times.

  3. Deborah Catterton says:

    I totally agree, if the money goes to the Political Survival Initiative, $40.00 per REALTOR is a lot of money.

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