Invest In Yourself – Learn More to Earn More

We are REALTORS®. We are involved in some of the biggest financial investments most people experience in their lifetime.  Do you realize that every several weeks, there are new laws, ordinances, ways to keep us out of trouble, lessen our liability and generally make us more intelligent in our approach to your profession?

I sat on the real estate Commission (FREC) for 8 years and even though learned an enormous amount of license law, I continually learn new ways to protect myself, make my business better and most importantly, ways to assist my clients to make an educated decision on purchasing real estate.  For 32 years I have been listing and selling real estate and I learn something new every day.

It never ceases to amaze me that some of the most important seminars I attend  are only attended by a relatively few REALTORS® – compared to the number of REALTORS® who are members of the association.  Week before last, I attended a seminar at my local Association – the speaker covered identity theft and ways to lessen your liability – a really important topic in today’s world.  It should have been standing room only.  It’s great that we fill the rooms looking for marketing magic to find new business…what about protecting the business we already have?  protecting our customers?  Protecting our licenses?  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that we shouldn’t attend as many marketing classes as possible – I think these classes are terrific & important to expanding our business – just be sure to balance the classes and programs you attend.  Let’s just be sure we stay on top of the “new laws, ordinances, ways to keep us out of trouble, lessen our liability and generally make us more intelligent in our approach to our profession”.

Most of the education our associations offer are free, if not free, the cost is only a few dollars.  Certainly a heck of lot cheaper than my college education!  I meet new REALTORS® at these seminars and inevitably I meet experts in their fields, they always help me when I need assistance in any given transaction.  Not too long ago, I was in the midst of a short sale and remembering one of my good friends is a short sale expert & also very involved in my Association, she helped me over the areas that I was not familir with – big, big pay-off from an education seminar.

Invest in yourself: go to wide variety of classes and seminars. Your local Association has a wealth of classes where  you will learn invaluable information, meet new friends, network, give and receive referrals.  Your business will thrive and you will be so much better for the experience.  Maybe we will meet there and you and I can help each other!!

I’d love to hear from you: What are some of the best, most valuable programs or classes that you have attended?  How have they helped you in your business?

Until Next Monday….

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