Does anyone read anymore?

That’s the question I continually ask myself.   I often find my listings – most often rental listings – being advertised by other companies.   Yes, I always make sure to check “NO”  in the MLS in the field for authorization to advertise by another company.  I have several clients that go out on the internet and look through the newspaper and check to make sure no one else is advertising their property, except me, their listing agent.  They get very aggravated if someone else is advertising their listing and does not have their permission (or mine) to do so. I have to assume one of two reasons for this: no one reads anymore OR if they read…they just ignore what they read. 

What about the showing instruction that reads: “24 hour notice” – is that not clear what it means?  24 hours…not 24 minutes.  I personally feel guilty if I can’t accommodate a showing, even if it’s a last minute request – I have an obligation to my owners to make every effort possible to sell or rent their properties.  Is there something wrong with me – I always try to make appointments to show other REALTOR’S listings at least 24 hours ahead of time?  Anyone else out there do the same?

Sometimes I feel that no one really cares to follow directions, follow rules, treat others with common courtesy…I think you get the picture.  Am I alone in feeling that we have lost the professionalism in our profession?   Here I go again, ranting and raving about professionalism…it just seems the lack of professionalism is happening more and more.   

A higher level of professionalism and some common courtesies sure would make life and our business a little easier and more enjoyable.   But we are living and working in the time of instant gratification, a lot of people want it now and do not have the patience to do it right.   A reputable REALTOR and good friend of mine says “There is no right way to do the wrong thing”.  Isn’t that so true?  What can we, as REALTORS, do to elevate our professionalism, to encourage others to do the right thing, to understand and follow our Code of Ethics…and last but not least…get them to read?  If you have suggestions what is working in your market – please share. 

Here’s a Courtesy Checklist I found with some additional dos and don’ts that real estate people should remember when showing property:


  • •   Knock first before entering a home
  • •   Leave your card on the kitchen counter so the seller knows you were there
  • •   Turn off all lights and lock all doors
  • •   Call if you’re unable to show up for any reason or if you’ll be late
  • •   Return calls for feedback when asked
  • •   Report any problems that you see, such as leaky toilets, air conditioners dripping, or broken locks, to the listing agent  


  • •   Wait until the last minute to schedule showings
  • •   Speak negatively about the property in front of an owner
  • •   Show up more than 15 minutes late
  • •   Park on the grass 

Until Next Monday….

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One Response to Does anyone read anymore?

  1. Liza Mendez says:

    I couldn’t agree more! We receive a lot of phone calls from agents out in the field…many are rushing and not reading the comments…others are just careless…and then you find those agents who are new to the business and have not had proper training from their Broker – some who are “Missing in Action”. On the flip side, many of these agents are dealing with very sloppy listing agents, inaccurate comments, no return e-mail/phone call and instructions on the MLS. We will need to have a lot of patience and continue to pursue excellence and professionalism….we can’t give up.

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