Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day! A day to tell everyone how much you care…although you should do that every day.  This day is for everyone, not just those closest to you but everyone.

One of our sons has a small dog, Harley.  Harley is so full of love. He has no idea if it is Valentine’s Day or Recycling Pick-up Day, Harley just loves the world!  Moe and I have 2 German Shepherds, Bella and Gino, adoptees from the pound.  They are both rather large, at least 75lbs+ and when they go out in the morning, they begin leaping around trying to catch butterflies.  Yes, these are big dogs, they look and sound mean and here they are: chasing butterflies!!  I sometimes believe we should be more like our pets, giving unconditional love, chasing butterflies and just living life!! Is that fantasy, yep, but sometimes we need a little fantasy in our world.  Happy Valentine’s Day!

Now for a little business: 44.8 Million people in the United States have at least one dog as a pet. There are 74.8 million dogs owned total. This is for the United States, Not the world. Most consider their pet a member of the family and when they are looking for a rental, looking for a condo or looking for a single family home, they take into consideration their own version of Harley, Bella or Gino.  Helping buyers (and sellers too) with their real estate decision – whether it’s a rental, purchase or sale – is what we do. Making it easier for the entire family, four-legged members included, helps us go from just handling a transaction to having customers for life.  We should all be lucky enough to have customers for life.

Look to the column on the right and you’ll find a link to a Customers for Life Toolkit with lots and lots of great resources to help you build raving fans and customers for life.

Happy Valentine’s Day and Until Next Monday…

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4 Responses to Happy Valentine’s Day

  1. Don Miller says:

    Tell Moe we in Lake County Board of Realtore love him we are be hind him what ever he goes for. Don Miller

    • Matey Veissi says:

      Thanks, Don, he is gone a lot, but it would be nice if he stays home awhile but I knew his job was dangerous when he took it. So I am resigned to having him gone quite a bit.

  2. Don Asher says:

    Always enjoy Monday Morning articles. Hope you and Moe can spend Valentine together and have a Happy Day.

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